Information and Source Education (Library Training)

Information and Source Education is a compulsory subject for 1st year BA students.

The aim of the training is to prepare 1 st year students to use the library and information system of the Adam Mickiewicz University and the services offered by the library, as well as to teach them the skills of autonomous searching for information and literature necessary for the optimum completion of their course of study.

Classes in the subject of Information and Source Education are held in the form of distance learning (e-learning).

Logging in on the Moodle platform is the same as logging in to one’s USOS account (login: PESEL number or login received from the university, password: USOS password).
After logging in, read the materials and solve the test.

How do I log on to the training? Click on the link below:
Information and Source Education (Library Training)

Syllabus (subject description sheet) – “Information and Source Education”